Try our wide range of top-quality Eco Natura Oils environmentally friendly. Made using only eco-friendly processes. All our oils are cold-pressed and CCPAE certified.

Vinegars and Glazes

Our selection of Eco Natura Vinegars and Glazes are CCPAE certified organic. Made with natural processing methods to create top-notch products, like our now-traditional Modena Balsamic Vinegar and Glaze, made in Italy, or our popular unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which has great health benefits. Moreover, all of them have no added sugar.


Our organic dried nuts are full of natural goodness. A handful of nuts naturally provides you with a wide range of nutrients. Enjoy a handful every day! Wonderful to eat as a snack, and also make a good store-cupboard line. All of our nuts are packaged in a protective atmosphere to make sure they stay fresh longer and preserve all their original flavour. The result is the very best nuts, brought to you sustainably.


Our Eco Natura olives features three juicy varieties: Black Kalamata, Pepper Stuffed Green and Pitted Green. They are grown without any synthesised chemical products and, on top of being very tasty, they are a great source of healthy nutrition for the body. The traditional flavour of this natural product makes them a sophisticated snack or great addition to any dish.

Organic Pasta

New organic Italian pasta made with the very best durum wheat. Thanks to this quality, our Borges organic pasta has been USDA certified Organic and GMO-free.This artisan pasta by Borges is ridged and porous, which makes it soak up sauces better. It is easy to cook, never breaks or sticks and is always 'al dente'. Perfect for serving with our Italian pesto. Two fantastic ingredients to make healthy, tasty meals any time of day.

Pesto Sauces

Two types of pesto sauce, both USDA certified Organic. Made with fresh ingredients and no GMOs, our authentic Pesto Genovese made with fresh Italian basil is totally organic. And so is our Pesto Rosso, made with loads of tomatoes dried in the warm Italian sun.Two sauces that are perfect for serving with our Borges Italian pasta, so you can cook up a healthy, delicious meal in just moments.

Nut bars

Nuts anywhere, any time. With the delicious organic Eco Natura nut bars.Our bars are packed with nuts. With all the natural benefits and great original flavour of the natural, vegan, organically grown ingredients.Unlike other bars, they contain no gluten or palm oil. We lock in all the great nutritional benefits of the nuts, simply sweetened with rice syrup. There are four different types: Almonds and Seeds, Fruit, Walnuts, and Hazelnuts and Cacao. Delicious bars that are perfect for any time of day. A great way to eat nuts wherever you go. And did know that one bar a day gives you 2/3 the recommended daily serving of nuts*!* 30g nuts recommended in Predimed study.